Advanced Quality solutions with personal service dedicated to you.
Serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Since you have unique Quality needs and considerations, REMETREX believes you deserve a unique solution. It is this approach that sets REMETREX apart from all other Quality solution providers.

Other providers offer products that require an organization to adjust procedures or develop workarounds to accommodate software limitations. This
right-out-of-the-box approach does no service to any organization.

Instead, REMETREX offers each organization its own solutions, which are fully developed and configured specifically to fill current and future needs. REMETREX solutions offer the same implementation ease and cost efficiencies without software limitations. REMETREX works for you, not the other
way around.

REMETREX successfully provides customer-driven Quality solutions through two areas – superior software products and personal on-going service. REMETREX offers solutions that are a step ahead of current technology, and service that never leaves your side.

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“REMETREX has given us a big-picture solution, excellent service and a strong confidence in our future. REMETREX is our long-term partner.”
-Director, Product Quality Management Johnson & Johnson, 2009