REMETREX solution features
   • Easy collection, quantification and identification trends
   • Configurable to address present and future needs
   • Compatible, seamless integration of all components
   • 100% web-developed, accessible through internet connection
   • Centralized single database
   • Highly scalable for future requirements
   • Secure environment, individualized access
   • Flexible reporting

REMETREX Audit AMS is a web-based, enterprise level audit management system, created to provide comprehensive audit functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle. REMETREX Audit AMS helps you identify gaps and manage your risks while providing you with advanced performance metrics.
“REMETREX has given us a big-picture solution, excellent service and a strong confidence in our future. REMETREX is our long-term partner.”
-Director, Product Quality Management Johnson & Johnson, 2009