The REMETREX experts will remain at your side through the configuration, set-up and execution of your Quality solution. The REMETREX level of service is personal and on-going - so you can be confident and efficient.


Implementation training is conducted by the REMETREX staff members who developed your Quality solution. You will train with experts who understand your needs today, and can anticipate the future. On-going support is available 24/7. Paired with the advanced software technology, REMETREX provides a complete solution that works for you.

The REMETREX support team consists of helpful and experienced employees. Through customers’ comments and suggestions, we are consistently improving the quality and efficiency of our service. We understand you depend on our products to keep your company running smoothly; therefore, we are committed to providing prompt, courteous and precise support.
“REMETREX has given us a big-picture solution, excellent service and a strong confidence in our future. REMETREX is our long-term partner.”
-Director, Product Quality Management Johnson & Johnson, 2009